Come honey…

Come honey let us walk outside…
Let us get out…
Out of these four walls.
Outside where the real people live.

Can you see the happy woman with the smile upon her face?
Does she even think about sadness…
…or the dark things in her life?

Can you see the elder man walking down the stairs of the underground station?
See his bright joyful eyes!
Does he even think about his dirty, forbidden deeds, he did…
…and maybe today they are haunting him?

Can you see the little children?
Riding their bicycles with the cute bells at the greenfull park
Ringing their cute bells loud and clear with joy and they really do not care.
Do you think in their dreams are holding buckets full of tears?

Can you see the cheerful family?
They look that they are so close together as they play a game all together in their backyard.
Do you think they are hiding things from each other?
Like thoughts in their wardrobes…
Monsters under their bed…
Speechless nights in front of television while watching a reality show.

Do you think that they stay inside the four walls, like we do?
Do you think they search dark places to hide, like we do?

Come honey, we have lots of things to see…

Let us…

Let us stop the world and see the beautiful bright stars.
Let us start the world and see the weird, intelligent humans.
What… what makes you shiver?

Let us take a long walk in the endless universe.
And then let us get lost in this messy human world.
What… what makes you wonder?