Panos Anastasiou is a musician – gamer – coffee addict. He likes writing music, listening to music, exploring music, in other words he loves music! He sometimes plays games on his Personal Computer (PC) or on his PlayStation (PS). Oh! Yeah, and he drinks a lot of coffee!

A Little history about music.

Back in 1998 he and his friend Michalis Vamvakas took the decision to create a FMV adventure game. They agreed that Panos will write the music and Michalis will direct and edit the videos, and so the crazy journey begun! So, they ask a little help from their friends and thus they created an amateurish group called Maik Productions, until now they still have this group and do different projects.

In 1998, he took lessons in music at a conservatory of his hometown for two years in order to help him to write the music for the FMV adventure game. In 2000, he went to study in the University, which has nothing to do with music. In the next 10 years his involvement with the music was only writing music for Maik Productions and some small groups he made with his fellow students.

But in 2010 he went to Philippos Nakas Conservatory to study Jazz Harmony, in order to expand his knowledge upon music. Since then, his involvement with the music is more active and more fun so he took the decision to share this fun and his music through internet. As a musician he considers himself to be independent!