What about your fantasies

Come honey let’s see our fantasies…
See what they were made of…
Are they sweet and beautiful?
Or full of bitterness and ugliness?

Can you see the pretty princess upon her white royal horse?
She is so beautiful; she can have everything she wants
Does she even think about the evil witch that looks so friendly and familiar?
Does she even think about the dreadful black dragon who lives deep in the darkest cave?

Can you see the handsome prince with his shining sword in his hand?
He looks so fearless and so unbreakable in front of the danger
Does he even think about his father and the legacy he bears?
Does he even feel the rejection of his father?

Do you see the soldiers raising the spears and swords with pride?
They were successful
Do you see their joyful faces and their bright eyes?
Do they even think about death, failure or the triumph of evil?
Do they even think about their families or the loved one that left behind

Do you see the fancy fairies that they joyfully cheer?
Watch them as they dance in ecstatic rhythm of music
Do they even fear of the satyrs and their devious plans?
Do they even fear of loosing their stardust from their wings or even worse their own wings?

Do you think they stay in the four walls, like we do?
Do you think they search dark places to hide, like we do?

Come honey, we have lots of things to fantasize